Thematic Areas

Addressing Global Challenges


Recognized globally as crucial, encompasses the physical and mental states of animals, necessitating high-level care and humane conditions.

Epidemiological surveillance

With infectious diseases often emerging in regions lacking in expertise and resources, efficient surveillance systems are essential for timely and targeted action.

Transboundary animal diseases

These diseases demand coordinated international prevention and control strategies, including improved diagnostics, vaccines, and understanding of their spread.

Climate change and diseases

Proactive management, technology, and infrastructure adaptations are crucial for maintaining resilient animal production and disease prevention.

Biorisk management

Biosecurity in biorisk management protects against unauthorized access to hazardous biological materials, preventing malicious use and accidental releases.

Aquatic animal health

Collaborative efforts by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) and its members are vital for safeguarding aquatic health and ecosystems.


Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials lead to drug-resistant pathogens, making common infections harder to treat and necessitating new drugs.