Exciting Opportunities for Researchers in Animal Health!

STOR is pleased to announce the availability of four one-month scholarships, exclusively for citizens of SUD-REMESA member countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia). These scholarships, featured in the “GRANTS” section under “PROJECTS” on our website, are tailored for individuals with a background in animal health. Applicants should be graduates with a degree in a relevant discipline, currently enrolled or holding a Ph.D. admission, and affiliated with a cutting-edge European laboratory.

The four scholarships are allocated across specific thematic areas, each focusing on a crucial aspect of animal health: Diagnostic, Virology, Entomology, Molecular Epidemiology.

This unique opportunity aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers. The scholarships offer an invaluable experience for those committed to advancing the field of animal health.

For detailed information and application instructions, please visit the PROJECTS section in the GRANTS menu on our website (to access this content, kindly register on our website). Don’t miss the chance to contribute to groundbreaking research and expand your expertise in these specialized disciplines.

Apply now and be part of the future of animal health research!

For the application, visit the following link.

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