About STOR

Leading REMESA’s Strategic Communication, Networking & Research for Enhanced Protection Against Emerging Threats


The Pillars and Values of Our Identity

Conduct and facilitate

Enhancing Cooperation & Coordination Among Research Institutions and Stakeholders in REMESA Countries.

Reinforce, coordinate

Optimizing Efforts for Effective Animal Disease Prevention & Strategic Response Planning.


Improving Coordination to Prevent Overlap, Facilitating Expertise Sharing, and Executing Strategic Work Plans

Ensure and develop

Building Capacity & Securing Funds for Competitive Research Projects While Supporting Regional Subnetworks.

From Then to Now:
Our History

During the 17th JPC meeting held in Maisons-Alfort, France, all member states agreed that not all potentialities of REMESA activities had been fully explored and that there was a need to strengthen certain cooperation objectives within REMESA regarding networking and scientific skills.

During the 18th JPC meeting held in 2018 in Cairo, Egypt, on June 26-27, Italy proposed to enhance the REMESA strategy on networking and scientific communication and research by establishing the Scientific and Technical Office of REMESA (STOR).

STOR will serve as an extension of the Secretariat in Tunisia and will be based at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale in Sicily, Palermo, Italy. At the 18th JPC meeting, a resolution was adopted for the creation of the REMESA Scientific and Technical Office (STOR), including its organization and goals.

Our Team

STOR staff


Our Mission & Vision

Strategic Advancement

STOR advances REMESA partnership strategies, focusing on priorities set by Mediterranean veterinary public health institutions, addressing epidemics in North Africa and climate change risks.

Communication & Collaboration Enhancement

Our goal is to strengthen communication, networking, and research within the REMESA framework, assisting member countries in enhancing scientific capabilities and collaboration.

Robust Communication Network

As the Scientific and Technical Office of REMESA, STOR fosters robust communication among member countries to form a strong network combatting emerging animal threats in the Mediterranean

Operational Collaboration

Functioning collaboratively as an operational branch of the joint WOAH and FAO secretariat in Tunis, with a back office in Palermo, STOR operates under the supervision of the REMESA secretariat in Tunis

Collaborating reference laboratories and centers

Walking Hand in Hand with Esteemed Partners, Crafting a Brighter and Better World Together.

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